Why Coworking is the next big thing in the Twin Cities: How we are bridging the gap using content creation studios

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You may have heard mumblings about coworking amongst friends, neighbors and business friends, but what is Co-Working exactly?

This new buzzword may be newer to the Twin Cities, but the idea of coworking has long been in existence for the last decade. Because more and more businesses and individuals are becoming digital and online only & the number of entrepreneurs, startups and home based workers has skyrocketed, they are looking for places to work to meet with clients, collaborate & have a work home base.

The social media & content marketing world has shifted too over the last few years, with the advent of digital media also comes new types of content, including online video, photography on sites like Instagram as well as podcasting. 

We at Studio Cowork have put all of those together and include a coworking space as well as a photo video studio and podcast studio for content marketing!

Here's a bit more about us

Studio Cowork was originally in the home of a radio station studio. Stations over the years included Radio Disney, KQRS and Relevant Radio as tennants. After the collapse of the world of radio (http://rainnews.com/the-decline-of-radios/) Studio Cowork looked to the future and decided to utilize its many studio spaces & soundproof rooms to transform into a coworking space with podcasting and video/photo rooms.

Benefits of working at a Coworking space

Work/Life Balance: Working from home can have unintended side effects, including distractions from family, kids & pets

  • Quiet space to work
  • Collaboration & Network Opportunities
  • Equipment like printers & wifi included
  • Work like environment that you can use for your own business

Exclusive Benefits of Studio Cowork

  • Production Offices included
  • Place to meet with clients
  • Conference rooms for meetings
  • Free Parking, close distance from 

If you are interested in learning more about Studio Cowork, click the menu above or below to schedule a free tour! 

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