6 Apps to help you stay focused during your workday

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If you are self employed & working at a coworking space or at home, it may be hard at times to put down the phone or get off facebook. But technology also provides us with solutions! Here are 6 of them that you can use to better track your time and be productive! 

Self Control for Mac

If you are a mac user, this easy app allows you to whitelist any website you get distracted by, whether it's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix or any site that you get stuck on!



For cell phones, it may be harder to do, but this app shames you if you pick it up for a period of time! 


News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

If you want to be on FB but are sick of seeing all your friends posts, fill them with inspiring quotes instead with this fun and unique chrome extensions



This app works on all devices and can also quickly block certain sites and not all sites!


Cold Turkey

An app that allows you to schedule when you need to not be distracted! 



Do you ever get distracted by all the tabs on your desktop? Well OneTab is a great free chrome extension that allows you to click one button and they will all go away but can still be accessed if needed. It's usually the first thing that get's installed on many computers!


What are some of your favorite productivity apps?