5 Reasons why you need to start a podcast!

5 Reasons why you need to start a podcast!

Have you thought about starting a podcast but still need convincing? 

Here's 5 reasons you need to start a podcast in our first ever blog post! 

1. Exposure.

If you are promoting a business, a blog, a product, an organization or even your instagram account, you can start a podcast! It's an easy & inexpensive marketing tool that you have 100% control over! Many people can find you on iTunes by searching what you talk about and you can share on your website.

2. Share your knowledge.

I don't know about you, but I am 100% more likely to hire someone or follow someone who has talked on a podcast. I find I can see who they really are and get to know them on a deeper level and the level of trust is there. Plus you can show off your true smarts and what you are really good at! 

3. Money making opportunities

Getting sponsors on podcasts these days is very easy. There are many resources out there with people willing to pay you to talk about them! 

4. New Audiences.

Getting a Co-Host or guests to interview is a great way to get content. Whether it's someone in your industry, you can share them and in return they will share the podcast, expanding people's knowledge of you and the podcast! 

5. For fun! 

Podcasting is so fun! Where else can you chat about your day and actually get some content out of it? 

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