7 reasons why your business needs to be on Instagram

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With all of the constant change, growth & death of social media platforms (RIP Vine!), putting your marketing efforts into one & then having to have risk of the platform dying scares many away from new platforms until it becomes a necessity to have it (IE a website, Facebook page, etc...)

While some apps like Twitter are on the edge of going bankrupt, here's 7 reasons why you should be putting your business on instagram.

1. It's owned by Facebook

Facebook, one of the longest running and largest social media platforms online, owns Instagram and has since 2012. That's 6 years and many of the main years that the platform has been popular. 

Through using Facebook ad manager, you can harness the power of facebook into instagram & target people through the facebook pixel tracking of people who have been on your website. It's truly scary & exciting opportunities for very targeted ads.

2. It's won the battle against Snapchat

Many businesses looked at Snapchat as the future, but as of 2018, many are abandoning it. Businesses for the most part do not do well on Snapchat because people use it A for friends and B it's hard to get found. Instagram is more well known for brands & it's easy to find them. Snapchat is losing members left and right & may potentially sell itself in the near future.

3. It's constantly evolving.

While it's hard sometimes to keep up with changes, learning about the new opportunities an app has 

4. Millennials love it

If your target demographic is Millennials, or young people aged 18-35, instagram should be top of your marketing priority list. Many millennials are obsessed with instagram and many find out about new products and services because of it. 

5. Establishing your voice

Having your brand stand apart from your competition 

6. Sharing your real story on stories

Being vulnerable and showing your day on instagram stories develops a sense of trust that is hard to find elsewhere. 

7. Connecting on social media

One of the reasons social media is called social media is because it's social, meaning that real people are on the platforms interacting with each other, gaining new networks & friends!


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