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How different is the Millennial mindset, really?

  • studio co-work 919 Lilac Drive North Minneapolis, MN, 55422 United States (map)

As the younger generation pours into the workforce, new problems are coming up regarding professionalism, flexibility, work ethic, technology, decision-making, and many more areas. But the question is:

How different is the Millennial mindset, really?

This session will touch on the 5 most common struggles employers have with young employees. We will attempt to separate fact from fiction to land on real solutions for harnessing young talent and minimizing generational tension in the workplace.

This is an experiential session. Plan to be moving and interacting.

  • September 19, 6 to 8 pm

  • Lanet Hane, Presenter

  • Studio CoWork

  • 919 North Lilac Drive

  • Golden Valley, MN 55422


About the Trainer:

Lanet Hane is a Millennial herself, who has worked with the Millennial population for 13 years. She has performed the role of manager, supervisor, director, and volunteer coordinator in a variety of settings, from national corporations to small start-up businesses. She has been the youngest staff member on her team, been part of Millennial-only teams, been the supervisor of Millennials, and been a connector between Millennials and older generations. She has interacted with the Millennial population in higher education, out-of-school settings, summer camp, professional settings, and K-12 public education. Her undergraduate and master’s degrees are both in the area of youth development, with the majority of her time focused on Millennial audiences. She has developed a 40-week curriculum for national use in implementing life skills training for adults, as well as several smaller curricula for use in youth outdoor education. Lanet has been published in several online and print publications, including Camping Magazine, Youth Worker, and the Red Cross Online.


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